Searching For A Top Customer Support Platform? Compare Zendesk And Freshdesk

supportZendesk and Freshdesk are the leading lights in the online customer service software segment. Zendesk is more established, while Freshdesk is the contender. We look at these two platforms to give you an idea about their features and pricing. With our comparison it should be easier for you to descide which piece of sotware will work better with your business.

About Zendesk

zendeskZendesk is a SaaS software suite that aids in customer service support, issue tracking and helpdesk ticketing. The company was founded in 2007. Now, Zendesk has more than 40,000 customers that use it products and services.

Zendesk’s platform is used by both big and small companies to deal with customers. The software is used by businesses in the fields of education, finance, software, media services, and retail services, as well as government agencies. Public administration and non-profit organizations can also use this tool. Famous customers of Zendesk include Xerox, Rovio, Groupon, Vodafone, Disney, and Sony Music.

Zendesk Features

Zendesk’s platform offers companies a quicker and better method of interacting with their customers through various channels such as email, chat, and social media. You can use the analytic and reporting tools to improve team morale and productivity. There is no need for heavy training as it is easy to learn and use this software.

Zendesk’s tool can be accessed by mobile devices and it integrates Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite, besides Open API and Google Apps. Its software can be utilized in 27 different languages which makes it superior to most of its competitors which support fewer than 15 languages.

Zendesk Alternatives

Apart from Zendesk, other players in the online customer support system arena are Freshdesk, Helpdesk, eStreamDesk, Zoho Support, TeamSupport, Deskero, and


Zendesk’s starter plan costs $1 per agent per month, while its Enterprise plan is priced at $125 per agent per month.

About Freshdesk

freshdeskFreshdesk is a feature-rich, web-based customer support tool. The company was founded by Indian nationals in 2011. It has grown rapidly since then, and boasts more than 10,000 customers across the world. Freshdesk’s ambitious and innovative software solution has won many awards and garnered good media attention.

Freshdesk’s cloud-based package is used by small and medium enterprises. Its clients include Stanford, Truecaller, Pearson, Hugo Boss, and Goodreads. The versatility of Freshdesk’s tool can be gauged by the fact that the clients operate in a wide range of industries.

Freshdesk Features

Freshdesk’s software solution helps companies handle customer information via requests and feedback. The product is easy to use with a range of features including a knowledge base, and customer support, time tracking, and helpdesk ticketing systems. The tool makes it easy to perform customer management. Companies can save money and time, and allot their precious resources to more productive aspects of their business.

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Freshdesk Alternatives

Freshdesk’s biggest competitor is Zendesk. But many former users of Zendesk attest that Freshdesk is easier to use. They also laud the top quality customer support of Freshdesk that is both fast and responsive. Freshdesk can be used in almost all browsers unlike Zoho Support which needs a Java Plug-in.

Freshdesk Pricing

Freshdesk’s basic plan costs $15 per user/month. The company offers four plans that customers can choose from according to their needs.


To sum up, the strengths of Zendesk are its top class features as well as range of channels that users can utilize for contacting customers. The tool facilitates Twitter and Facebook integration, and web-based implementations. It also has mobile capabilities.

Freshdesk stands out for its wide range of features that include reporting and insights, multi-product customer support, helpdesk automation, and integrated live chat and phone support, to name a few.

Do your homework on both the platforms, and check out their demos and trial options before you make your decision.

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  • marco says:

    I haven’t tried Freshdesk yet, so I’ll just share my Zendesk experience. At the least, it’s affordable for a small business like mine. It’s got rich features that are present in NetSuite (our old vendor), but at less cost. We can track tickets and resolve conflicts at once, as if we’re a big company with a full support department. It’s just the three of us managing our growing customer base. Until we need a more robust app to handle 100k customers, we’re happy with Zendesk.

  • Stella says:

    As a small business owner (IT services) I love how Zendesk allows me to train my small staff on the technical aspects of our products without really spending on training. Since I can see how they answer customer questions, I can contribute my inputs before they send the reply. I have someone compile these replies (with my inputs), which becomes a sort of manual for future similar customer queries. Even without doing a time-consuming orientation to my employees, my staff get to improve their replies by reading my inputs.

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