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A good way to find the right Accounting Software product for your company is to evaluate the solutions against each other. Here you can compare SkySignature and CYMA and see their functions compared in detail to help you pick which one is the better product. Similarly, you can review their overall ratings, for instance: overall score (SkySignature: 8.0 vs. CYMA: 6.5) and user satisfaction (SkySignature: 100% vs. CYMA: 99%). Examine their varying features and similarities and see which one outperforms the other. Moreover, imagine what your business will be in years to come; will your business outgrow the app in the next 3-5 years? Right now, the most popular solutions in our Accounting Software category are: FreshBooks, Xero, Zoho Books.





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Customer Experience

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Pricing Type

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Full Review

Product Info

Product Info

SkySignature is an online digital signature application with useful PDF editing tools.
The accounting software solution for growing mid-sized businesses with flexible user environments and a full suite of useful accounting software modules, among others.
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Types of Clients

Types of Clients

Small Business | Large Enterprises | Medium Business | Freelancers Large Enterprises | Medium Business
Email Address

Email Address
Pricing Page

Pricing Page

Learn more about SkySignature pricing Learn more about CYMA pricing
Company's Address

Company's Address

832 Bay St., Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
2330 W University Drive, Suite 4
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Available Plans

Available Plans

SkySignature offers the free Community Edition for the general public and the paid Professional Edition for professionals:

Community Edition: free

  • Number of stored documents – 10

Professional Edition: $1/month or $10/year

  • Number of stored documents – 10,000
  • Verifiable corporate seal/logo
  • Archival document storage

Both plans offer the following features:

  • Creating personalized profile and custom signature (option to hand draw signature)
  • Sending documents to be signed by email
  • Converting most popular document formats to PDF
  • Preparing documents for signing (personalized “Sign Here” e-stickers)
  • Extended PDF document editing – type anywhere on the document
  • Managing your contacts – create “Signature Rooms”
  • Document verification and signatures report – full audit trail
  • PDF tools – combine individual pages from separate documents into a new document
  • Unlimited document signing

Here is the information about CYMA cost:

CYMA is sold by modules that can be added on top of each other, and sold through a quote from an authorized re-seller. The modules are typically as follows: Accounts Payable; Accounts Receivable; Bank Reconciliation; General;  Ledger; Payroll; Employee Self-Service; Human Resources; Purchase Order; Sales Order; System Manager.

Available Devices

Available Devices



SkySignature supports the following integrations:

  • PDF
  • Amazon S3

CYMA integrates with the products of these accredited third-party vendors:

  • Multi View Incorporated
  • Access 1 Time System
  • ClubTec
  • NatPay
  • Global Data Vault
  • eOfficeMgr
  • BizLibrary
  • INSZoom
  • Certify
  • Home Care Solutions
  • FBOperational Fuel Management System
  • CYMA Forms
  • DonorExpress
  • AP Technology
  • Systems Concepts
  • Manage Incorporated
  • BNA Software
  • Specialized Business Solutions
  • Pro-Ware Software
  • TMx
  • Direct EDI
  • Piracle Secure Payment Solutions
  • StarShip Software
  • Pervasive
  • F9
Prominent Clients

Prominent Clients

Languages Supported

Languages Supported

English, Ireland, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East English
Phone No.

Phone No.

Support Types

Support Types

Ticket Training
Available Features

Available Features

SkySignature FEATURES

  • Paperless signature – signed by one or more signatories
  • Secure document storage
  • Quick signature verification
  • Fill out complex PDF forms
  • Send document for “signature on the fly”
  • Personalized “sign-here” tags
  • PDF tools
  • Full accessibility on mobile devices


  • support thousands of employees across unlimited number of companies
  • integrate with other CYMA software modules
  • allow any organization to process payroll in-house
  • write payroll checks
  • run instant payroll reports
  • calculate employee earnings, deductions, 401k, cafeteria plans
  • EFT Direct Deposit
  • worker compensation categories
  • multi state payroll
  • wide variety of tax and earnings reports
Employee Self-Service
  • secure, anytime/anywhere payroll information access
  • time entry for your employees and supervisors through any web browser
Human Resources
  • manage human resources process in one simple solution
Accounts Payable
  • manage vendor relationships
  • process invoices
  • manage payments
  • process  1099s
Accounts Receivable
  • manage customer relationships
  • process invoices
  • track payments
  • manage credit activities
  • detailed reports
  • custom screens can be defined
Bank Reconciliation
  • review/adjust transactions to reconcile bank accounts
  • easy retrieval of checking account-related transactions
  • produce past bank reconciliation information
General Ledger
  • record journal entries, recurring journal entries, prior year adjustments
  • record allocations, reversing journal entries, and beginning balances
  • custom reporting abilities
  • detailed audit trails
  • extensive budgeting capability
  • 24-character account number
  • complete date sensitivity
Inventory Control
  • flexible, general purpose
  • perpetual inventory accounting system
Job Costing
  • control over labor costs
  • system automated billings
  • easy to view and read contract information
  • advanced financial reporting
  • attach photos, specifications, blueprints, or any other file to a job/project
Project Tracking (integrates with General Ledger)
  • simplified version of tracking revenues, expenses, budgets and activities
Purchase Order
  • enter, track, print and manage vendor purchase orders
Sales Order
  • provides many pricing options – an advanced “variable definition price matrix”, product, warehouse and alternate.
  • integrated for the needs of temporary staffing companies
  • pay and bill different amounts based on assignment/job function
  • track the billing, payroll and budgeted amounts
System Manager
  • controls users, companies, security, and a wide variety of system features
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Software Comparison

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Popular Alternatives

Popular Alternatives



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