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When scouting for the proper Accounting & Finance for your company it is recommended that you assess the functions, costs, as well as other important info about the product and vendor. Here, you can check the similarities and disparities between SkySignature (overall score at 8.0 and user satisfaction at 100%) and ADSS Signing Server (overall score at 7.0 and user satisfaction at 100%). You may also examine their particulars elements, such as functions, plans, pricing, terms and conditions, etc. Moreover, analyze the terms closely for information on hidden fees, including, setup cost, separate helpdesk support, upgrade fees, disk space fees, and other similar charges. We realize that not all businesses have enough time to scrutinize a large number of various solutions, so we prepared a list of recommendations that you may find useful. Our top selections for the Accounting & Finance Software category are: FreshBooks, Brightpearl, Intacct.



ADSS Signing Server


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SkySignature is an online digital signature application with useful PDF editing tools.
ADSS Signing Server is a comprehensive solution for creating and verifying advanced digital signatures on any type of document, web form or transaction.

Contact Phone

+44 (0)800 772 0 442

Available Features

SkySignature FEATURES

  • Paperless signature – signed by one or more signatories
  • Secure document storage
  • Quick signature verification
  • Fill out complex PDF forms
  • Send document for “signature on the fly”
  • Personalized “sign-here” tags
  • PDF tools
  • Full accessibility on mobile devices

ADSS Signing Server FEATURES

  • Sign any type of electronic documents
  • Sign documents or hashes
  • Comprehensive PDF Signing
  • Trusted Timestamps
  • Full long-term signatures
  • Bulk corporate signatures
  • Biometric hand signatures
  • Multiple profiles
  • Comprehensive verification
  • Historic verification of long-term signatures
  • Enhance basic signatures
  • Comprehensive verification reports
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) support
  • Strong crypto algorithm support
  • Role based access control

OS Supported


Types of Support

Ticket Training

Popular Customers

Shell, Vodafone, Siemens

Vendor Email

Vendor's Address

832 Bay St., Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
Surrey Research Park
40 Occam Road, Guildford
GU2 7YG, United Kingdom

Company Size

Small Business | Large Enterprises | Medium Business | Freelancers Small Business | Large Enterprises | Medium Business

Pricing Page

Learn more about SkySignature pricing Learn more about ADSS Signing Server pricing

Pricing Info

SkySignature offers the free Community Edition for the general public and the paid Professional Edition for professionals:

Community Edition: free

  • Number of stored documents – 10

Professional Edition: $1/month or $10/year

  • Number of stored documents – 10,000
  • Verifiable corporate seal/logo
  • Archival document storage

Both plans offer the following features:

  • Creating personalized profile and custom signature (option to hand draw signature)
  • Sending documents to be signed by email
  • Converting most popular document formats to PDF
  • Preparing documents for signing (personalized “Sign Here” e-stickers)
  • Extended PDF document editing – type anywhere on the document
  • Managing your contacts – create “Signature Rooms”
  • Document verification and signatures report – full audit trail
  • PDF tools – combine individual pages from separate documents into a new document
  • Unlimited document signing

Ascertia offers flexible pricing scheme for the ADSS Signing Server. All prices are offered on a by quote basis. Contact Ascertia directly for more pricing information about their product.

Available Integrations

SkySignature supports the following integrations:

  • PDF
  • Amazon S3

Easy integration within existing applications for automated signing and verification using on-demand web services or HTTP Post via high-level ADSS Client SDK (available in Java and .NET).

Languages Supported

USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Germany, India, Japan, Latin America, Middle-East International

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In case you continue having second thoughts about which product will be best for your business it might be a sound idea to take a look at each service’s social metrics. These metrics are frequently a way to see how popular a given solution is and how wide is its online presence.For instance, if you look at SkySignature LinkedIn profile you’ll find out that they are followed by 7 people. In case of ADSS Signing Server the volume of followers on their LinkedIn page is 614.