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Getting the ideal eCommerce Software for your firm is key to boosting your company’s productivity. In our platform, you can easily examine different solutions to see which one is the appropriate software for your requirements. Here you can match Magento vs. Salesforce Commerce Cloud and check their overall scores (9.0 vs. 8.8, respectively) and user satisfaction rating (90% vs. 99%, respectively). Additionally, you can look at the specifics of rates, terms and conditions, plans, features, tools, and more, and find out which software offers more advantages for your business. As a rule of thumb, select the software that allows you to add/remove features and subscription plan to match your sales growth or lack of it. People who are pressed for time or would like to get a Shopping Cart Software suggestion from our team may want to try out these top choices for the current year: Shopify, Wix, Bigcommerce.

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Our Score

Our Score

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Client Experience

Client Experience

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Price Scheme

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Complete Review

Product Info

Product Info

Salesforce Commerce Cloud unifies the customer experience and streamlines commerce operations from purchase to fulfillment to post-sale service.
Magento is an eCommerce platform built as an open source solution owned by eBay.
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Available Features

Available Features

Salesforce Commerce Cloud FEATURES

  • Social integrations
  • In-store extensions
  • 360 engagement with Sales, Service, Marketing and Community Clouds
  • Lightning Platform development
  • Customer and segment catalog entitlements
  • Multisite management
  • RESTful APIs with componentized services
  • Multisite management
  • Order on-behalf from sales and service
  • Split shipments across multiple locations
  • Content management
  • Cart and checkout
  • Merchandising and marketing tools
  • Budget and buying authority
  • Multi-account and contract ordering
  • Responsive mobile design
  • Site search
  • Product management
  • Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle
  • Quick order and reorder templates
  • Full-featured reference application
  • Guided navigation
  • Full development platform with RESTful APIs
  • Multiple payment methods including PO
  • Customer segmentation
  • Localization
  • Native targeting and A/B testing
  • AI-powered personalization
  • Customer and segment specific pricing
  • Catalog management
  • Campaigns management
  • Search engine optimization
  • Personal themes
  • Targeted promotion management
  • Pricing management
  • Real-time Dashboards & Reports
  • One-touch payment options


  • Web Design
  • Shopping Cart
  • Customer service
  • Order Management
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Product Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Multiple Websites


English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish English, Dutch
Vendor's Address

Vendor's Address

5 Wall St. Burlington,
MA 01803
Magento, Inc.
10441 Jefferson Blvd., Suite 200
Culver City, CA 90232
Business Size

Business Size

Small Business | Large Enterprises | Medium Business Large Enterprises
Company Email

Company Email
Pricing Info

Pricing Info

Salesforce Commerce Cloud comes in two pricing editions: Salesforce B2C Commerce and Salesforce B2B Commerce. You can choose from the options depending on your needs and contact the vendor for pricing information.

Magento offers two enterprise pricing packages. The final price depends on your store’s average order value and expected annual online revenue. A 30-day free trial lasts from the date of account creation. You can contact the vendor for more details.

Magento Commerce Starter – starting at $2,000/month

  • Promotions and Pricing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Site and Content Management
  • Catalog Management
  • Catalog Browsing
  • Product Browsing
  • Checkout and Payments
  • Shipping
  • Order Management and Customer Service
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Accounts
  • Support for Global Sites
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Layout and Theming
  • Cloud hosting & deployment
  • 24×7 email support
  • Business Intelligence

Magento Commerce Pro – starting at $3,417/month

  • All Starter features, plus
  • High availability infrastructure
  • Dedicated hardware
  • Dedicated launch manager
  • Integrated B2B functionality that incudes:
    1. corporate account management and support
    2. customized catalogs and price lists
    3. tools for rapid ordering
    4. online requests for quote workflow
    5. increased inventory visibility across retail outlets
Pricing Details

Pricing Details

Learn more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud pricing Learn more about Magento pricing
Supported Integrations

Supported Integrations

Salesforce Commerce Cloud connects with apps and third-party systems in Salesforce’s AppExchange.

Magento supports integrations with the following business systems and applications:

  • Interprise Suite ERP
  • Embedded ERP
  • BankPayment
  • eBay
  • WebShopApps MatrixRate
  • PayOne
  • CashOnDelivery
  • ShipWorks
  • MageMonkey
  • MailChimo
  • Mandrill
  • osCommerce
  • Correios
  • Fontis Australia
  • BeeTailer
  • DebitPayment
  • MigraShop
  • AddThis
  • WorldPay
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • ePay
  • Searchanise
  • GoMage
  • Open ERP
  • Social
  • DHL
  • Bcash
  • Ingenico
  • Zopim Live Chat
Types of Support

Types of Support

Phone Live Support
Ticket Training
Contact Phone

Contact Phone

1-800-667-6389 1-877-574-5093
Available Devices

Available Devices

Popular Customers

Popular Customers

Adidas, Puma, Burton, Godiva Vizio, Rosetta Stone, Easton, Nike, Olympus, Gant
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You should note that even though both Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud may have an outstanding range of features each product could be designed for a different business size. If you are studying different apps you may want to focus on a business type they are catering to. Specific elements might scale up effectively for huge enterprises but if you own a small or mid-sized company it’s frequently better to avoid paying for advanced functionalities that you may never have a chance to use.