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The first step to securing a the best web host should be to weight your choices. You have lots of hosting plans that have excellent specs and right terms and conditions that you can pick to purchase the top hosting for your company. But to cut the search effort, you can use this comparison site to check the disparity between SoftLayer and Hetzner Online. You can compare their overall score--SoftLayer relfects a score of 9.1 and customer rating of 96%, while Hetzner Online exhibits a score of 8.0 and satisfaction rating of 98%--or see their respective detailed specs, such as: easy installs. The comparison site is built to assist users to select the best hosting platform for your situation.

Hetzner Online




Total Score

Our Score

8.0 ?

Our Score

9.1 ?

Client Experience

Customer satisfaction

98% ?

Customer satisfaction

96% ?


€ 1.92


Complete Review

Product Info

Hetzner Online offers professional hosting solutions at fair prices.
SoftLayer operates a global cloud platform with data centers around the world and a global footprint of network points of presence.

Email Address

Contact Address

Industriestraße 25
91710 Gunzenhausen
14001 North Dallas Parkway,
Suite M100,
Dallas, TX 75240

Available Features

  • Web hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • vServer
  • Managed Server
  • Colocation
  • Storage Box
  • Domain Registration
  • SSL Certificates
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 17 geographically diverse locations
  • Flex Images for capturing server images
  • Full control of services through customer portal and application programming interface (API)
  • Fully redundant
  • Server reboots, operating system reloads, and other services can be done automatically without the help of customer support
  • Standardized features and procedures across data centers

Phone No.

+49 911 234226-92 866-403-7638

Operating System

Windows Linux
Windows Linux

Quick Installs

Joomla, Wordpress, SSL Drupal, Fantastico/Softaculous, Magento, MediaWiki, Wordpress, SSL

Available Plans

Shared Web Hosting Plans
Price:€ 1.60
Storage:2 GB
Bandwidth:10 GB
No. of domains:1
No. of emails:100
Shared Web Hosting Plans
No. of domains:No info
No. of emails:No info

Perl, PHP, Python ASP, Django, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on rails

Available Support

Phone Live Support

Pricing Page

Learn more about Hetzner Online pricing Learn more about SoftLayer pricing

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