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If you are looking for the best hosting service for websites, you must check tens of dozens of various subscriptions to get the best option. Fortunately, you can use our comparison site to fast track your product discovery. Matching Amazon S3, which reflects a score of 7.0 and user rating of 100%, with Daily Razor, which reflects a score of 7.2 and user rating of 97%, it is simple to see right away which provider addresses your situation. It is also advisable that you review the details of the two hosting providers by going through their key features, such as, platform. Keep in mind, the right hosting platform is not the provider with the lowest price or most number of features, but the company that matches your situation.

Daily Razor


Amazon S3



Our Score

7.2 ?

Our Score

7.0 ?

Client Experience

Customer satisfaction

97% ?

Customer satisfaction

100% ?



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General Info

DailyRazor is a provider of world-class Web Hosting and Domain Names solution to small businesses and individuals around the world.
Amazon S3 offers data storage solutions. The “S3” stands for “simple storage service.”

Pricing Page

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Phone No.


Fast Installs

Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Wordpress, SSL Joomla, Wordpress


Windows Linux

Contact Address

9320 Annapolis Rd #310, Lanham
MD 20706
United States
410 Terry Ave.,
North Seattle,
WA 98109-5210

Pricing Plans

Shared Web Hosting Plans
No. of domains:1
No. of emails:Unlimited
VPS Hosting Plans
Storage:25 GB
Bandwidth:500 GB
No. of domains:Unlimited
No. of IP addresses:
RAM:256 MB

Available Support

Phone Live Support

List of Features

  • Linux Hosting
  • Window Hosting
  • ColdFusion 9 Web Hosting
  • ColdFusion MX Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Java VPS Hosting
  • Tomcat Hosting
  • Private Tomcat Hosting
  • Shared Tomcat Hosting
  • JBoss Hosting
  • JSP Hosting
  • Java Servlet Hosting
  • ASP.NET Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting
  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • PHP Hosting
  • Pay-per-use
  • 99.99% availability and 99.999999999% durability
  • Reliable and scalable
  • AWS calculator; keep track of your usage costs
  • First 1 GB outbound transfer per month is free
  • Free inbound data transfer
  • Free delete requests
  • Choice of bucket location, optimized for latency
  • Options for secure data transfer and data encryption
  • Authentication to keep data secure

Vendor Email

ASP, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby on rails Django, Java, Perl, Python

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